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Thursday, January 7, 2016 MY MINI KIKO HAUL & SWATCHES

I was so excited to see Kiko cosmetics store a few weeks ago while I was doing my shopping at the mall. This brand isn't so popular but the few that know about it have nothing but nice things to say about this brand. I remember walking in and trying to swatch every eyeshadow I saw there. 
The lady at some point walked up to me and had to ask what exactly it was I wanted and all I could say was I wanted something I didn't already have.

KIKO EYESHADOW 178 - Macropearly Black                
I had to get this eyeshadow! This is a black eyeshadow with a bit of grayish tone in it (which isn't so obvious)...with some silvery shimmers. The shimmer is what attracted me to this eyeshadow. The color pay off is amazing.

I am a sucker for purple eyeshadows! Not sure why. I got this eyeshadow because I have a glitter eyeshadow shade similar to this color and I figured this eyeshadow could serve as a base for the glitter. The color pay off isn't so great as I had to swirl my finger around the eyeshadow so many times to get that swatch. Nevertheless, this is still a gorgeous eyeshadow. I have plans for this one.

 There was something unique about this eyshadow. I know it looks similar to the one above but it had a bit of shimmers. I have always had a thing for anything that sparkles. The color pay off is amazing. And this is a unique color that is a must have.


I have seen one or two bloggers review this gel liner. Really wasn't sure if I wanted to get it or not. All i did that day was ask for the liner, The lady who brought it to me decided to swatch it for me and all I could say was "wow". This eyeshadow is in a 'paste' form. Its not like every other gel liner. It dries matte! and thats what I l love about it. I have always loved matte liners and so I thought this was perfect.

I generally love this brand. The only problem is their products go out of stock so fast and restocking tends to take a while.
I would have bought more colors but the few ones I really wanted to get were all out of stock. Sad! 

Been a while since I did a review. I've got a few eyeshadow palettes and single shadows I would really love to do reviews on as time goes on. They are not new but some are amazing products that are a must have. 

“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.” 

― Lao TzuTao Te Ching