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Sunday, September 7, 2014 WELCOME TO MY BEAUTY BLOG.

My name is Sifon-Eno, a girl with an avid addiction for make-up. Welcome to my blog. I'm counting on you to make it a super blog in a few months time. :)

I had the idea of setting up this blog months ago; but as always, complacency has it's way of making you lose bits of ideas. I gradually recovered the mustard bits of ideas that initially sprung up in my little head and here I am, talking to you!

I am a really shy person, hence my best form of communication with you, my lovely readers would be my keyboard and laptop screen. Hopefully with your encouragement, I would probably start making videos and who knows, this may be the safest route to de-sensitizing myself from being screen shy.

I decided to call this a beauty blog and not a makeup blog because I really don’t want to be restricted to makeup alone. Over the months I have had so many ideas...which I would really love to share with you, my lovely readers.

As for the makeup aspect, to spice things up a little bit…I have decided to use a few friends as models in creating some of the makeup looks.
I am no makeup artist..(well, not yet though) but I am hoping to become one, someday. 
I hope you guys enjoy,

Happy reading.