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Monday, October 13, 2014 GET A PERFECT MANICURE AT HOME.

I've always heard about a simple tip to keep your nail polish off your skin and create a perfect manicure at home. Finally decided to try it and share with it you. 
What you will need:
Cotton Q-tip
Vaseline or any skin cream
Nail polish

How to:
First thing you need to do before painting your nails is apply the Vaseline/cream on the skin around your nail and be careful so as to not get it on your nail.

Paint your nails like you normally would.

Wait till the nail polish dries completely and wipe off the vaseline using the Q-tip. You could also use a paper towel for this too.

The Vaseline/cream acts as a barrier between your skin and your nail polish. So when you clean the nail polish comes off neatly.

I just tried this and my results were good. You should try this the next time you ever want to get a manicure at home.

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